Basic of Risk Management for Education Organizations


This five-day microlearning module is designed to provide an overview of risk management for educational organizations. Participants will explore common types of risks that are specific to the education sector, risk management strategies for educators, emergency preparedness and response, and best practices for implementing and evaluating risk management programs.

What you’ll learn:
✔ Understanding the basics of risk management tailored to the unique needs of educational organizations.
✔ Identifying common types of risks specific to the education sector, ensuring a well-rounded awareness of potential challenges.
✔ Exploring fundamental risk management strategies designed to help educators mitigate and manage risks effectively.
✔ Gaining knowledge in emergency preparedness and response, emphasizing safety and crisis management within educational settings.
✔ Best practices for implementing and evaluating risk management programs, ensuring a solid foundation for risk-aware decision-making within educational institutions.

⏱ Daily 15-minute chatbot-driven interactive learning materials
💭 Self-paced learning
📆 Flexible schedule
🎖 Certificate of completion




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