Pingtar for
Corporate Learning

Our business solutions are designed to revolutionize the corporate learning process. From onboarding to continuous learning, our AI-driven learning assistant provides an engaging, interactive learning experience directly on WhatsApp, making knowledge acquisition simpler and more efficient.

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Corporate learning often suffers from time restrictions, low engagement, and information overload.

We tackle these issues by integrating our learning solutions with WhatsApp, a platform already extensively used in professional settings. Our Smart Tutor, Helpful Buddy, and Smart Concierge products allow employees to learn in an interaction-driven, microlearning format. This encourages continuous learning and makes knowledge acquisition a part of their daily routine.

The familiar, user-friendly WhatsApp interface ensures a lower learning curve and higher acceptance among employees, making the entire process efficient and enjoyable.

We bring Efficiency to the learning process by delivering content via WhatsApp, a platform familiar to many, eliminating the learning curve associated with new platforms.
Engagement is fostered through our interaction-driven, microlearning format that encourages continuous learning.
Pingtar can be seamlessly Integrated into the daily routine of employees, making the acquisition of new skills and knowledge a part of their everyday professional life.

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