Pioneering a transformative approach to learning

through the power of WhatsApp

Pingtar began its journey with a simple, yet powerful idea: to bring affordable, accessible, and practical knowledge to SMBs and entrepreneurs. Born from a desire to empower everyone with the tools they need to compete in the digital age, our mission has been consistent — to provide an all-encompassing digital learning experience that transforms the way businesses operate.

Making education accessible to all

eliminating geography, time, and technological constraints

Revolutionize engagements

facilitates two-way conversation, making learning a dynamic process

Effortless and familiar experience

making education more comfortable and less intimidating

A New Way of Experiencing Knowledge.

Inspired by the businesses we empower.

Pingtar for

Public Education

Our education services focus on breaking down complex topics into simple, digestible modules. Our goal is not just to educate, but to empower individuals to leverage needed tools and strategies for their success.

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Pingtar for

Social Empowerment

Through our platform, we bridge the digital divide, reaching across urban and rural areas alike, providing everyone with an equal opportunity to learn and prosper. Our services are priced affordably, ensuring that no one is left behind in the digital revolution.

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Pingtar for

Corporate Learning

Our business solutions are designed to revolutionize the corporate learning process. From onboarding to continuous learning, our AI-driven learning assistant provides an engaging, interactive learning experience directly on WhatsApp, making knowledge acquisition simpler and more efficient.

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